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Dragonfly Wings

Jess Marinaro

I sleep better 

Far from a childhood bed

Some downpours drown

Some lift

I don’t care what becomes of me


Eyes flutter like wings

Close them

As the window closes off

A city of black and white

We, illicit comfort


Her fingertips are movement

A ghostperson 

And a canvas body

Painted with every color 

By sinful hands


Whisper in my ear 

She does

The grayscale fades away

This place is a glitch 

I’ll never leave


Break my mirror

A buzzing reflection

A monstrosity

Steps out among the shards

She looks like us


Dragonfly wings tangled 

In our heaven hideout 

Don’t look at me

Wait, please look at me

It’s okay because it never happened


I would wash her hair in my parents’ tears

Instead I run on empty

Secrets have always been

A warmer welcome wagon

A place to land

A place to stay

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